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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 7, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. breaking now as the polar vortex takes hold over 187 million americans. at least 500 passengers stuck overnight on packed amtrak trains. in snow drifts on the frozen tundra. cities across america now ghost towns. main streets steaming rivers of ice. schools shut down in the deep south. breaking this morning, nigella lawson's former assistants speak out for the first time since the explosive trial. why they have no regrets about forcing the celebrity chef to confess drug use. and why they say she's brave. caught on tape. the incredible death-defying seconds when the car mows through this gas pump sending the attendant 30 feet into the air causing a dangerous fire. we'll show you what happens next. >> florida state rules the bcs.
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and the thrilling final seconds in college football's biggest game of the year. florida state comes from behind to clinch victory over auburn. josh elliott is there behind the scenes. good morning, america. from the frozen apple. josh, nice and toasty last night watching the game there at the rose bowl. and those seminole fans celebrating still in the wee hours of the morning. there's tallahassee, only 25 degrees there this morning. >> and that temperature, the big story, affecting 49 out of 50 states right now. every state except hawaii below freezing this morning. see new york city, that's the temperature right here at 7:01, the wind is blowing the camera around. it is 3 degrees right now here in new york city. >> and it's how fast that
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happened, george. you can see how it got so cold so fast. the thermometer time-lapse overnight, plummeting 35 degrees in over ten hours. >> moving fast. our extreme weather team is spread out across the frozen zone. ginger starts us off from a cold times square. hey, ginger. >> hey, there. we have broken a record in new york city and have done so in atlanta and raleigh, as well. it is not, of course, just that temperature, but it is the windchill. let me show you the breadth of this. we have the graphics right up here to show you the bitter cold blast. it extends all the way from, yes, chicago, still feeling like you're 30 below, to orlando, feeling like they're only in the mid 20s. 3 in montgomery. nashville at 2. look at syracuse this morning, 23 below. we have some blizzard conditions in western new york. this is just going to be a big story all day today, and we are covering it full. back to chicago now with gio benitez who has hardly had a smile. that's very odd for gio. because his lips have been frozen. gio, how are you doing this morning?
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>> reporter: ginger, good morning, 11 degrees below zero right now in chicago. and take a look behind me. you can just see that vapor rising. it's so cold. and overnight, we got new images showing just hoe cold it is here in the midwest. take a look. >> oh, god. >> reporter: when it gets this cold, black ice is king. >> we need to get somebody out here to stop this. >> reporter: it's just one of the countless ways the frigid polar vortex is crippling more than half the nation. >> if you can stay in today, stay in all day today. >> reporter: school closings as far south as atlanta. the streets in central illinois completely deserted. the windchill there, a mind-numbing negative 30 degrees. try opening the window in chicago and you'll get this. 35 living room. it's so cold lake michigan looks
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more like a hot tub. the water outside chicago, warmer than the frigid air and ice already forming along the banks. >> this right here is just more than we had expected at all. >> reporter: so cold, many car batteries just aren't working. >> with the cold weather it's not going to start. >> reporter: a water main break in subzero columbus, ohio, turning streets into steamy rivers. crews scrambling to clean it up before it freezes solid. in southwest michigan, lighthouses transforming into arctic ice castles and this fountain left running outside minneapolis now a mountain of ice. overnight a chicago family trapped in their car for more than 15 hours. >> we were calling for help and there was no one there to help us. >> reporter: on that same highway, ice road nightmare. truckers everywhere praying they won't be next. >> i'd freeze to death before i got help. >> reporter: in indianapolis, in the middle of the snowstorm, a young mother giving birth to her first child by herself at home early monday morning. >> her due date was not until the 21st.
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i think she wanted to see the blizzard. she didn't want to miss out. >> reporter: mom and baby are doing okay. great news there. amazing story. look at what happens when i spray this water here on to this bus stop. i wanted to try this awhile ago and the water inside this froze. here i have my car scraper, the ice scraper. check it out. you hear that? the water has instantly turned to ice, robin. >> we do hear that. all right, gio, thank you. to the three amtrak trains stuck in the snow west of chicago at this hour. abc's ryan owens has the latest on this breaking story. >> reporter: god morning. robin. it's all of 14 degrees below zero here in indianapolis. which makes me the winner this morning, or perhaps the loser. this town is essentially shut down. at least the governor has now opened some of the interstates. they were closed for awhile on monday. it is still slow going.
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and it is no going for some train passengers. stuck in a snow bank. that's how more than 500 amtrak passengers find themselves this morning, some 80 miles outside of chicago. emergency nurse brian plummer is among those who spent the last 14 hours stranded. >> you know, everybody's anxiety went up. you're unsure of the unknown. >> reporter: three trains, the southwest chief from los angeles, the illinois zephyr from quincy, and the california zephyr from san francisco literally ground to a halt about 4:00 monday afternoon in rural illinois. after 14 hours, as you might imagine, the living conditions on board are less than ideal. especially in the bathroom. >> all the sinks are frozen. you can't wash your hands. >> we wanted to know what was going on, but a lot of the updates we kept getting were keep on waiting. >> reporter: emergency crews are on scene but there's not much they can do. and amtrak says for now, the safest place to be is on those trains.
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>> it's been a pretty rough night out there on the railroad. and supplies, food, there's power on the trains and so the safest course of action is really for them to stay where they are. >> reporter: amtrak is trying to figure out how to tow the trains. one option, to actually put them on the highways. that wouldn't work so well here in indiana where the governor shut down the interstates for a time monday. air travel, just look at this picture i snapped from the airplane after landing in indianapolis. hundreds are stranded here. an squup date now on the train passengers stranded next door in illinois. amtrak has finally managed to begin rescuing some of those 500-plus people. they've brought in buses. they'll now take those to chicago. quite a journey home, george. >> i'll bet. ryan, thank you very much. thank goodness for that. this record-breaking cold is
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not just causing travel headaches. it can kill. alex perez has more on what you can do to stay safe. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, george. it's a staggering 14 degrees below zero here in milwaukee. for many, this cold has now become a matter of life or death. this morning, the icebox temperatures are proving to be simply too much. in the chicago area, authorities investigated the deaths of four people, all died after shoveling snow in the bitter freeze. 37 people in ohio rushed to the e.r. because of cold-related problems. dr. jeffrey smith says his emergency room in milwaukee has been nonstop. with this kind of cold if you're outside for just a few minutes, what can happen? >> really as little as five minutes there can be damage to the skin. that's when it starts with frostbite. >> reporter: look at these thermal images. all the red is heat leaving your body. if you're not bundled up, the heat begins to escape immediately. and look at how quickly frostbite becomes a reality. your fingers, red when you take off your glove.
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just one minute later, blue. the heat all gone. for some, there is no way to escape the cold. when it's this cold, how important is the job you guys are doing? >> it's very important. >> reporter: we got to ride along with these milwaukee police officers patrolling the streets, helping get those stranded outside to someplace warm. and giving out gloves, socks, and hats to those who need it most. and, you know, we mentioned those four people who died while shoveling. doctors say you really have to be careful. they say shoveling is just like lifting heavy weights. always try to push the snow when possible instead of lifting it. and if you do have to pick it up, make sure you use your legs instead of your back. most importantly, doctors say you should always pay attention to your body. if something doesn't feel right, you should stop and get somebody to help you. robin? >> great advice there, alex. thank you very much. going to move on to the bcs championship game.
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you know it was a thrilling showdown. and who was there? josh elliott smack dab in the middle for every exciting second of it. it was quite a finish there, josh. good morning. >> good morning, robin. unbelievable finish and, boy, watching all of that news, it's very apparent that i drew a very long straw to be there last night. it became an instant classic, florida state and auburn, one versus two with college football's national title at stake. and fittingly, it would all come down to the final seconds. it was thought to be a massive mismatch. but fewer than 12 minutes into the game, top-ranked and heavily favored florida state got a stunning dose of reality. >> our first touchdown. tre mason hits pay dirt for auburn. >> reporter: just like that, the rose bowl was electrified. first time in almost 600 minutes that florida state has trailed in a game. it is on! >> touchdown, auburn! >> reporter: underdog auburn took a commanding early lead
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over the seminoles and wouldn't let up. we got ourselves a ball game. but in the second half, the seminoles battled back. with score after score and just 4:30 to go took back control or so it seemed. >> 30, 40, daylight. green ahead! got it! headed for the end zone! touchdown, florida state! >> reporter: and after auburn would answer, it came down to the final seconds of the game in one of the most thrilling title game finishes in recent memory. the heisman trophy winner, jameis winston, after early struggles of his own, hit on this two-yard pass for the 34-31 win. >> touchdown. >> i said this from day one, in spring ball, these kids are special. >> reporter: afterward winston was named the mvp on his 20th birthday. >> we controlled our own destiny through all the haters through every single thing we came out victorious. and god did this.
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>> next year, college football's biggest prize will be awarded after a four-team playoff. huh, imagine that. . now to breaking news about the nation's most recognizable pro skier. we have just confirmed that lindsey vonn will not be competing in next month's winter olympics in russia. she's been in a race against time, trying to get back into top form following her serious right knee injury in a race last winter. we turn now to other headlines this morning. we begin with a key ruling in the debate over gun control. a federal judge has struck down chicago's ban on gun sales calling it unconstitutional. the ruling will not take effect right away so that the city can, in fact, appeal. chicago's murder rate was the highest in the nation last year. some breaking news overnight about one of the top cops here in los angeles, the county sheriff lee baca is expected to resign today after a number of scandals. most recent, 18 of his deputies
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were charged with beating jail inmates. and overseas with iraq now on the brink of full-scale war vice president joe biden has lent his support to iraq's prime minister in a phone call expressing concern over the violence there. the u.s. is said to be speeding up deliveries now of missiles and drones to help iraqi forces target al qaeda strongholds, particularly those in fallujah. and unemployment benefits that expired for more than 1 million americans last week are now the subject of a key vote in the senate today. democrats need 60 votes to move forward a bill renewing those benefits. and finally, it is back to school today for prince william. he is beginning a course in agricultural management at cambridge university all to prepare for his future job of running the property he'll inherit when his father becomes king. he commuted to cambridge by train from london even reportedly sat in a public car
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with other passengers, which, george, he then exited by standing upright, walking on two feet, all with opposable thumbs. how about that? >> and i bet you he put his pants on one leg at a time this morning. thanks, josh. turn to a story breaking, new york city police officers and firefighters once hailed as heroes now accused of lying about disabilities stemming from 9/11 so they could claim bigger social security checks. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross is here with the latest. and brian, we're talking scores of arrests happening right now. >> that's right, george. they began in the cold, predawn hours of new york. some 75 former new york city police and firemen expected to be arrested this morning by their former colleagues -- active duty new york city police. the men are being accused of faking injuries connected to the 9/11 incidents, some of them laming psychiatric disorders that did not exist. >> you get a couple of lawyers on the inside, people who know the system and that leads to massive numbers that represented a lot of people. >> a handful of crooked lawyers
7:15 am
and doctors who know the system have advised these police officers and former firemen how to game the system and gain thousands of dollars a month, a total maybe of millions of dollars in benefits. and this, they trade on the people who actually did suffer actual disabilities. 343 new york city firemen and 23 new york city policemen who died in 9/11. and they have a great deal of public goodwill for these forces. and these men, according to authorities, are trading on that crying to cash in. >> this could get even bigger. thanks very much. >> all right, george. now to that shocking moment caught on tape, video coming out of a horrifying split-second accident at a gas station in new england. you see the car there crashing into a pump. exploding. abc's linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: it was an everyday task turned death-defying drama. watch as this gray car mows down a gas pump and the gas station attendant there near it. the pump erupts in flames.
7:16 am
the attendant goes flying 30 feet into traffic. >> i heard this big bang, you know, and then i looked at my tv camera and i see a ball of fire. >> reporter: moments later, the flames grow even bigger. black smoke billowing, the owner of the gas station in walpole, massachusetts, feared the entire place would blow up. that's when his brother grabs a fire extinguisher. it took three canisters to put the flames out. >> the gentleman driving the car was 83 years old. he did tell me later he made a mistake, instead of stepping on the brake pedal, you know, he stepped on the gas pedal. >> reporter: as for the gas station attendant he was rushed to the hospital, but miraculously is expected to be okay. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> happened just like that. in a split second. >> it sure did. the one place it's not below zero is hawaii. who is there? >> well, the first lady has some good luck. now to the first family. president barack obama at work at the white house and the obama daughters are back in school but as we said, the first lady is still in hawaii for an early birthday gift.
7:17 am
it's an extended vacation and some good girl time with a good pal. we're learning more about the first lady's extended vacation. almost 4800 miles away on the white sands of hawaii. press secretary jay carney explaining it was the president's suggestion michelle stay on vacation for an extra few days while he returned to washington with sasha and malia. >> you have kids, you know that telling your spouse they can go spend a week away from home is a big present, so -- not that we don't love our kids. >> reporter: he also revealed the extended vacation was an early birthday present of sorts less than two weeks before the first lady turns the big 5-0. >> her decision to remain at the president's suggestion in hawaii to spend time with friends ahead of her upcoming very big birthday. >> reporter: this morning there are reports that mrs. obama is spending the rest of her stay with her good friend oprah winfrey at her estate on the island of maui. winfrey will also be celebrating
7:18 am
a milestone birthday. she turns 60 just two weeks after the first lady. and the birthday festivities will continue when michelle returns to the capital. the white house has reportedly sent out invitations for a party in her honor. word is there won't be a formal dinner but there will be plenty of dancing. ♪ she does love to dance and we wish her a very happy birthday. oprah, too, by the way. >> mm-hmm. we turn now to the weather and ginger zee with the latest on that lake snow. lake-effect snow, i should say. i'm so cold i can't even talk. >> it is not just the cold but that lake-effect snow and blizzard conditions south of buffalo. look at this. this is from hamburg, new york. i wanted to show you this picture. now a look at the video a little closer. you can't see anything. that's what's been happening here. look, just south of buffalo getting some of the heaviest amounts we think in some places they've had at least 10 inches and we're going to see up to 3 to 5 feet in the coming days. this will be a big story. highways are shut down. something to look for if you're
7:19 am
planning on traveling to western new york at all. here's a look at the actual afternoon high temperatures. that's right, high temperature in pittsburgh today will be 6. washington, d.c., 16. your local forecast coming up in just 30 seconds.
7:20 am
>> schools closed from atlanta through the carolinas. look at that, high 24. 23 in raleigh today so the cold is sticking but, of course, it has to come to an end. and i'll tell you when. and we are very warm, by the way, in the studio under lights, in case anyone wondered. >> we're glad you're back inside because you know, mothers all across the country are yelling at you, put on a hat, put on a hat. >> for 30 seconds. kids, don't do that. you have to wear a hat today. coming up nigella lawson's former assistants speaking out for the first time. and the big development in the so-called bathtub murder. why the doctor convicted of his wife's murder says he deserves a new trial. and it's also the bizarre newed a for old spice that has a
7:21 am
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7:25 am
oakland and san jose are reporting no cancellations. jetblue didn't even try to fly in and out of the northeast yesterday leaving many passengers stranded. they expect to be running at full capacity later today. how is your car running this morning. leyla? >> stranded drivers can now breathe a sigh of relief. traffic is starting to dissipate. but this is here, 880 at highway 92, we have another accident with backup coming away from the 238 freeway. as we take it into san jose, we have this accident along 208 at park moore avenue. it's generally
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>> good morning. tracking a plume of mid and upper level moisture across the bay area. it's not giving up rain. and what it does give up, it's going to be vi
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♪ how do you like me now >> would you look at those happy, happy seminoles fans. a mouth-dropping 21 degrees. they don't care because they're national champs. go 'noles, celebrating all night long after that huge win over auburn. josh had a front row seat to the big game, and he joins us again from l.a. you called it right. instant classic, josh. an instant classic. >> i tell you what, auburn runs out with that huge lead looking grim for jameis winston, the heisman trophy winner and his seminoles but since texas won a national title in that same rose bowl we do not see a southeastern conference team atop the rankings, first time in eight years and will, of course,
7:31 am
be the last bcs title, the seminoles, the bcs going away replaced next year wouldn't you know by a playoff. will wonders never cease. >> wow. >> yeah, never would have thought of that, josh. thanks for that. jameis winston, what a way to celebrate your birthday. >> 20 years old. what a star. other stories coming up breaking today, nigella lawson's former assistant, remember they were facing her in the courtroom showdown speaking out for the first time since the explosive trial and tell us more about what life was really like with the top chef. >> all right and then it's a bizarre new ad for old spice that's exploding online. why it's got a lot of people, well, puzzled and then we're going to talk about what the best diet is for you in this new year. the experts breaking it down. >> we begin with the latest on nigella lawson. as we said her former personal assistants speaking out for the first time since exposing her drug use and lama hasan has the
7:32 am
details in london. good morning, lama. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. well, yes, this morning in an exclusive tell-all interview on a morning tv show here in britain, the grillo sisters are opening up revealing that this trial was a nightmare for them saying that their once loving relationship with nigella and her family no longer exists. the trust, they say, has now gone. >> well, we welcome you both. >> reporter: this morning the grillo sisters are speaking out telling their side of the story. >> not knowing what's next. >> reporter: saying they have no regrets about forcing nigella to admit to taking drugs publicly. >> i feel sorry we end up in that situation. she did it. she didn't admit to that. no guilty because -- >> reporter: the sisters were accused of embezzling more than a mall dollars from the tv cook and her former husband, charles saatchi. >> any point you bought anything
7:33 am
on the credit cards you possibly retrospectively would think i shouldn't have maybe purchased that? >> no. >> no. >> what were the ground rules? >> there were no ground rules. >> it was freedom, you know, not because of her drug use or we want her to be punished. >> reporter: but they say they respect nigella's explosive admission in court. >> i think she was very brave to do so and good for her for doing so but i didn't feel guilty. >> reporter: the three-week trial unleashed some sordid details about nigella's lifestyle and crumbling marriage. speaking on "good morning america" last week ahead of the relaunch of the abc show "the taste," nigella said she's taking it all in her stride. >> did you feel like you were on trial? >> well, i did, and i've eaten a lot of chocolate over christmas and into the new year. >> reporter: in the end the sisters believe in the courts of public opinion, nigella came out on top.
7:34 am
>> i think maybe we won the court case but definitely she had the most support from the public and she's well loved and she will always be loved. >> reporter: well, the sisters say after their difficult ordeal they're trying to get on with their lives and put the trial behind them. we reached out to nigella's management who tell abc news "we won't be commenting." george? >> okay, a lot to talk about there. thanks very much. let's bring in dan abrams. some comment there at the end. they believe that nigella won in the court of public opinion. >> i mean they're saying she had all the public support. why wouldn't she? she wasn't accused of a crime and she had to get up there on the stand and confess to drug use and talk about all these ugly parts of her life. well, of course people are going to feel bad for nigella lawson whether she's a celebrity or not. >> they're unapologetic about bringing it up. did they need it for their defense? >> they could have argued a defense without it. but, you know, once you're going to defend yourself in a case like this where your freedom is
7:35 am
on the line you try to throw everything you can at the case and this would have been something where if the judge wanted to exclude it, the judge could have said we're not going to allow these sort of allegations, but, look, that was part of the defense but let's be clear here no matter if you think that they stole this money or they were allowed to use this money, i don't think anyone is suggesting they earned this money. and as a result, they have to be very careful what they say and how they say it. >> their legal troubles may not be over. >> that's right because if it is determined it was actually a gift, there could be gift taxes to deal with. so this investigation may not be over, although the authorities by calling it a gift would have to be conceding that there was no wrongdoing and that they actually did give it to them so a lot of confusing but ongoing issues. >> okay, dan abrams, thanks very much. >> no extra points there. george, thanks. to a big development in the case of the utah doctor convicted of killing his wife in the bathtub of their home. just days before sentencing his
7:36 am
lawyers claim a key witness lied on the stand. they now want a new trial. abc's aditi roy has the story. >> reporter: martin macneill seemed disheveled as he appeared in court monday on a charge unrelated to his november conviction for killing his wife, michelle. >> really struggling, it's very difficult for him to be convicted of something that he feels completely maintains his innocence for. >> reporter: now with macneill's sentencing just days away a possible hail mary. his lawyers asking the judge to dismiss the case or grant him a new trial on the basis that a key witness may have lied on the stand. that witness, a federal inmate who testified macneill confessed to him about the murder. >> did he ever describe or did you of ask him about why he -- >> yes. >> -- killed his wife? >> he said she was in the way, that she wanted the house and his. >> reporter: the inmate also told jurors he did not have a deal with prosecutors to testify. >> i didn't ask him for anything. i didn't ask him for any kind of
7:37 am
deal. nothing like that. >> reporter: but macneill's defense attorneys say they have new evidence from phone calls and e-mails that contradict that testimony. >> in his phone calls, he references the deal. >> reporter: macneill's defense also points out that inmate was released from prison after his testimony, ahead of his expected 2016 release date. overnight prosecutors telling abc news they are confident the verdict will stand. while the judge considers the motion, macneill's lawyer alexis who testified against him -- >> i was concerned that my father killed her. >> reporter: -- says she hopes her father spends the rest of his life in prison. >> we thought this was over and i'm just hoping that my father can take responsibility for his action and stop hurting his family. >> reporter: for "good morning america," aditi roy, abc news, san francisco. >> so hard on that family. time now for the weather again and ginger, is that a lake? is that a lake? >> this is lake michigan and,
7:38 am
yes, this is a surfboard and, yes, they do surf on make michigan. happens a lot in the fall. glen arbor not far from where i grew up. be careful. surfing from the other side of the country, from venice, california and they have been really warm and going to be just a little bit cooler today but, boy, overall not a bad one in the southwest. san francisco, 58. sacramento, 67, los angeles goes to 74 and las vegas right there with a high of 62. phoenix nice and toasty at 71. we are all, yes, jealous. we have thermal jealousy is what i like to call it. then you look in the south and parts of birmingham, chattanooga, both record breakers in the single digits.
7:39 am
>> this weather report brought to you by nutella and that you will these advisories will release and get warmer by the end of the week. >> do you promise? >> yes. >> thanks. coming up inside the bizarre old spice ad going viral right now. why it's got so many people scratching their heads. are you ready for a revolution in how you shop from your sofa? how david beckham is leading the way. come on back. might be shining ♪sun ♪ just a little more bright ♪ ♪ i think the stars might be hanging ♪ ♪ just a little more high ♪ ♪ come on, love ♪ a new day is calling, and it feels so right ♪ [ female announcer ] with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts, skim milk and cocoa, there's a whole lot of happy in every jar of nutella.
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7:43 am
just about 7:43. we welcome you back and continue now with that kind of bizarre new old spice ad exploding online. unofficially kicks off sewell bowl ad season and already generating serious buzz for being both funny and a little creepy. abc's nick watt has the story. >> reporter: listen up because this is a test. does this commercial make you want to buy old spice? ♪ now my sweet son's been spr spray sprayedinto a man old spice ♪ ♪ sprayed a man on my son now he's kissing all the women and his chores aren't done old spice made a man of my son ♪ ♪ now he smells like a man and they treat him like one ♪ >> growing up, these days is tough and no mom wants to see her boy turn into a man, but
7:44 am
eventually it happens to everybody and what better brand than old spice to help guys get there. >> reporter: aimed squarely at lovelorn teens. perhaps you know one. 31 million people saw it on tv during the nfl playoffs and, of course, there are web versions wracking up nearly 2 million views in only 3 days. ♪ old spice take a look what you've done ♪ ♪ you've made a sexy man right out of my son ♪ ♪ old spice >> reporter: some love the campaign. very catchy. laughing so hard. ♪ sons have fun with women and misty -- >> reporter: freaking some out. horrifying. i'm done buying old spice. i'd like to get some of whatever the person who made that old spice commercial was smoking. >> well, i think you can see the team that we have here, the only thing that we're enjoying is the great sense of old spice. ♪ freaky tiny fingering and now he's touching kissing feeling all the women old spice ♪
7:45 am
>> reporter: for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news. >> if only, if only you could see george's face while that commercial played. >> i had not seen it before. >> really? >> he's like this -- >> i will say -- >> i'll never forget it. >> catchy. my dad wore old spice. it's still around so that's got to tell you something. >> we're talking about it. >> it's very funny. it is a little creepy. >> a little bit. a little bit. >> i don't think they were smoking anything. >> obviously not. hey, everybody, we have more coming up. the best new diet for 2014. the experts break down which will work for you. i'm taking over "play of the day" for josh. i'll put all of you to the test.
7:46 am
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7:48 am
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7:49 am
right then, here's the "play of the day."
7:50 am
>> okay, i am taking over for josh. josh, i hope i do okay. just bear with me. we're going into game show mode. josh, i broke out the josh, the big golden josh. alex trebek has become a smash hit overnight on twitter. he is trending over the polar vortex. a lot of people actually feared the worst because he started trending. people thought, oh, no, something happened to him. nah, not at all. it was his performance on "it's a wrap." one of the categories on the show. contestants had to which rapper he was impersonating. let's see how he did. here's alex. >> don't push me 'cause i'm close to the edge, i'm trying not to lose my head rapped this pioneering grand mamaster. >> grandmaster flash. a pretty easy clue. the next one. come on. there's not another one. >> i made the change from a common thief to up close and personal with robin leach wrapped this notorious guy --
7:51 am
>> george, notorious b.i.g. >> get this weak stuff out of here. >> all right. josh says thumbs up. he likes it. we like george. you learn something new.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
>> good morning. the santa clara waerlt district will be looking over a report released today. rainfall was only 1/16 of an inch. local reservoirs are at only a third of total capacity. so let's check out the forecast with meter ottle mike nicco. >> tomorrow best chance of meshlable rain will be thursday. upper 50s, low 60s. the coast into san francisco. here is your seven day forecast.
7:57 am
one more chance saturday and warmer than average weather. sunshine and dry starting sunday. >> at the toll plaza, there is a stall in the number three lane. and this stall blocking the ♪ i'm on the hunt, i'm after you ♪ ♪ smell like i sound, i'm lost in a crowd ♪ ♪ and i'm hungry like the wolf ♪ straddle the line, in discord and rhyme ♪ [ female announcer ] only yoplait light and yoplait greek 100 are endorsed by weight watchers. it is so good when you're on the hunt for something delicious. find yoplait original and light yogurt cups on sale now at your local safeway store.
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♪ ♪ find yoplait original and light yogurt cups so you can get cash back on all your purchases. so you can use your cash back... to so you...ur can save the day. chase freedom. so you can.
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00. are you ready to rev up your new year? we've got the hottest diets of 2014, and we'll tell you which one is perfect for you. and jessica simpson is here to jump start your year and get you to your sexy best revealing her top tips. and you know david beckham for his body of work, but could the superstar's latest move revolutionize shopping for good? it's a jam-packed hour as we say -- >> good morning, america. ♪ how do you like me now the sun coming out on a few hearty souls out there in a busy times square this morning. here right now, there she is, jessica simpson. >> hi.
8:01 am
>> you look fantastic. >> happy new year. >> thank you, guys. it's so good to be here on this cold morning. >> crazy. >> ace is adorable. >> isn't he adorable? >> you had him in june. >> i did. >> a picture of him right now. so, we like to come bearing gifts. lara will do the honors. >> for ace. >> oh, so cute. this deserves a tweet. >> yay. >> mission accomplished. >> everyone needs a "gma" onesie. >> is he going to be able to fit in that, though? >> i know. he's six months and he's pretty large. i might have to get a size up. >> we've got it. >> look forward to talking to you in a little bit. also ahead, a lot of people trying new diets to jump start the new year. we'll bring in dr. richard besser in to rank the best ones and tell you which diet will work with you. >> we also ask viewers to share their not so traditional wedding gowns. a few of our gorgeous viewers
8:02 am
right now. and one of the most popular sitcoms in the country joining the dress trend, kaley cuoco. is it cuoco? >> cuoco. >> thank you. kaley tying the knot on new year's eve in a pink dress. i love that idea and we'll take you behind the scenes on her walk down the aisle. >> look at that. we'll let people weigh in on that. oh, gosh, are we going to get josh back here ever? >> i don't think so. >> maybe one day. we miss you, josh but glad that you were there and had a great time. i know you have to bring us the top developing stories, josh. i got to say i miss you guys too and i will definitely see you in the next few days at some point. i have to believe my flight is very much delayed. we have a lot to get to, but we have to begin with the record cold. it is now being felt by more than 185 million americans. blowing snow stranding more than 500 amtrak passengers on the tracks outside of chicago for hours overnight.
8:03 am
buses were finally brought in to carry them to a frozen chicago. also in illinois, nearly 400 cars and trucks became stranded on snowy interstates after several trucks, you see them here, jackknifed and blocked the way. this extreme cold also impacting the airports. jetblue has halted service in boston and new york. does not expect full service until later today. meanwhile, windchills in parts of the midwest said to be dropping to 60 below. schools canceled now as far south as atlanta today. now to breaking news about the nation's most recognizable pro skier. we confirmed lindsey vonn will not be competing in next month's winter olympics in russia. she has been in a race against time trying to get back into top form following her serious right knee injury during a race last winter. in other news, more than 100 former new york city
8:04 am
police and corrections officers are being charged in a massive scam tied to the attacks of 9/11. the retired city workers are being accused of faking work-related stress and psychiatric disorders so they could collect disability checks costing taxpayers in the process hundreds of millions of dollars. and a wild ride for people riding a city bus in boise, idaho. take a look. they ended up dangling above a parking garage after crashing through that wall there. the driver says the brakes failed. thankfully, no one was seriously hurt. another remarkable story of survival here, a man who cannot even swim survived for 2 1/2 days at sea clinging only to a piece of wood. remarkable stuff here. take a look. you'll see him there after he was finally washed up on a beach some 50 miles from where a large wave swept him out to sea while fishing in taiwan. he is in remarkably good condition considering he had no food or water for those 60 hours in the water in which he cannot
8:05 am
swim. and speaking of survival stories, take a look at this x-ray. just let it breathe. that long line there is a nail that a man accidentally fired into his head while doing some woodwork. crazy part, he didn't even realize it was there until the next day. somehow it missed all the important blood vessels and nerves. his doctors safely removed it. robin and george, i know this is usually the time when i say, and nobody was seriously hurt. i cannot say that right now and be entirely truthful. we can't tell you for sure if the man who drove a nail into his head is okay. we do hope, however. >> scary one. okay, josh, thanks very much. "pop news" coming up. let's get some more weather from ginger. >> the big question, how do you describe this cold? so i've got folks. how do you describe it? >> bone chilling. >> okay, and how about over here? >> numbing. >> numbing. we like these words.
8:06 am
i heard one person say it feels like the wind is cutting off my face, which is an interesting way. let's get right to the forecast. i want to tell you what happened. the bitter cold brought us 63 degrees below for a windchill in minnesota. that was the top yesterday, and, yes, we'll see some numbers close to that in some places. dallas, texas, even felt like 1. now they're improving and all of us will improve, i promised you the numbers. here we go, washington, d.c., who is very cold this morning. only sees a high of 16 will get into the mid-40s by the end of the week and by the end of the week orlando goes from 45 today to 8
8:07 am
>> one more description from our hearty crowd. >> in college station, texas, we don't get this cold. no, we don't. >> lara. >> ah, well, i'm glad you're enjoying new york. and here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." "pop news" coming right up. wait till you hear what "seinfeld" is revealing. a new project perhaps. plus, the experts weighing in on the best diets of 2014. which, though, is best for you? and jessica simpson is with us looking fantastic, i might add. she is live in the studio, and she'll tell us how she dropped the baby weight, got healthy, and it's her first tv appearance since ace was born. all that and so much more on "good morning america" live in times square. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by new,
8:08 am
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♪ well, i wear my clothes like this because i can ♪ [ female announcer ] when it comes to softness, shapes and styles only kleenex brand has it all. find your style then flaunt it at only kleenex brand has it all. (beeping of c♪ffee maker.)
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save your coffee from the artificial stuff. switch to truvia. great tasting, zero-calorie sweetness from the stevia leaf. from nature, for sweetness. ♪ coming up, "gma's" sexiest star secrets brought to you by truvia natural sweetener from nature for sweetness. >> go, bruno. go, bruno. >> a little treasure there from bruno mars. he's got a lot of treasure. we just found out he is topping "forbes" list of 30 under 30 in the singing category. what a month he's got coming up, super bowl halftime. here's another quiz for you guys. when is the last time someone under 30 was one of the headliners in the super bowl halftime? >> i don't know. >> who is it? >> justin timberlake. >> really? >> yes. >> oh. >> janet jackson, got it. all right. well, congratulations, bruno.
8:13 am
is that my cue? >> yeah. >> "pop news" time. good morning, everybody. this morning we begin by welcoming "saturday night live's" newest cast member, sasheer zamata. sasheer -- i'm going to get this. sasheer zamata. >> got it. >> remember that name. sasheer zamata. she is the first african-american to join the cast since maya rudolph left in 2007. this move comes a few months you might remember after the show acknowledged the need for more diversity. it was a sketch in which kerry washington played every character who happened to be a woman of color. it was funny, but it made a very clear point. "snl" heard it loud and clear and answered with zamata. she'll make her debut on january 18th. and apparently, nick watt knew how funny she was before any of us. look at this.
8:14 am
nick watt, always cutting edge, yeah. >> wow. >> she was on his show -- remember the show -- this show he had on abc. >> yeah, that's right. >> and she was on the show and very, very funny and apparently has been doing a lot of great work and "snl" -- >> i knew i saw her from somewhere. that was it. i knew it. thank you. >> coming your way. also in "pop news," festivus may be over, but jerry seinfeld may have a late holiday gift for us. he took to the website riddit on monday to answer questions from fans. he hinted he and his fellow "seinfeld" creator larry david have teamed up on a top secret project. seinfeld says he's keeping the details under wraps for now but they've written a script and it is, big, huge, gigantic, even bigger than that amazon package. >> he's still got it. >> yes. please. something. we're excited about that. and then finally it's the beginning of the year, and you
8:15 am
know what that means, time to toss out the christmas trees and some are taking that idea to a new level. i'm, of course, talking about eighth annual christmas tree throwing contest in germany. where else? take off the lights and chuck it, baby. decorations also. douglas firs. spruce. three different styles in the contest, the javelin, the hammer and also a high jump competition over your tree. contestants, however, do need to provide their own. it's byot. >> yeah. >> and you have a busy night. what are you doing tonight? >> thank you, robin. i'm hosting the national border review. these are the biggest movies of the year and all the big stars and directors. what are you wearin-- >> what are you wearing? >> it's actually festive cocktails so can i go through your closets? >> just make sure it has sleeves. >> and stockings. >> all right. lara, thank you. now the list of what
8:16 am
everyone who wants to drop the pounds in the new year waits for. "u.s. news & world reports" has just released its annual ranking of best diets. abc's amy robach, you are here. >> the magazine made it easier to keep that new year's resolution to get healthy. its panel of health experts ranked 32 diets and here's what it found. it's the most popular time of the year to start a new diet, but which one will work best for you? this morning, "u.s. news & world report" is breaking down the best diets of 2014. >> we have everything from the best diets overall to the best weight loss diets to the best diets for heart health and for diabetes. >> reporter: topping the list of the best plant-based diets, the mediterranean diet, which focuses on lots of fruit, vegties and fish and, best of all, you can enjoy that glass of wine. >> you're going to need to be a lot more self-conscious of how many calories you're consuming. they don't measure it out. >> reporter: ranking best diet
8:17 am
for weight loss, the ever popular weight watchers, which uses the points system and doesn't restrict any food groups. >> weight watchers works by getting your money and they're also going to base the points off things that will make you fuller longer. >> reporter: and topping the list for the fourth year in a row as the best overall diet, the dash diet, which includes portion control and balancing proteins and carbs. >> it's realistic, and what the creator of this diet did was provide lots and lots of options. >> reporter: and an important thing to keep in mind if you find yourself hitting a bump in your resolution road -- >> stay motivated and stay motivated about being educated. >> a little exercise and that actually is perfect for my tag. experts say you won't get far if you're also not exercising regularly with these diet plans so you just -- >> shouldn't run in this -- >> that's dangerous. >> all these best diets
8:18 am
and things like that, we want to know the pros and cons. that's why we'll bring in rich besser to talk about that. so let's talk about the top one, the pros and cons of that one. >> so part leads into the confusion of what we mean when we say diet. some people mean a way to lose weight. other, it's just an approach to eating like we talked about yesterday. so, the dash diet, which is the number one diet, was designed to control blood pressure and balanced diet. cut back on red meat, cut back on fatty, sweetened things. it's a great approach to life and to health. you're not going to lose weight unless you really add into that portion control. >> they rated weight watchers the best. >> yeah, in terms of weight loss, weight watchers is the way to go. it's a strict system. and if you keep to it, they say you will lose two pounds a week eating what you want, but it's eating what you want but it's reducing the size so there's points to different foods. if you stick to that, it has shown to be very effective. >> works really well. >> calories in, calories out.
8:19 am
>> the hard thing is staying with it for years and years and years. >> all right. >> how about the best heart healthy diet. >> for healthy hearts, they rated the ornish diet, dean ornish. it cuts back on fat in a really, really big way and adds in a lot of soy, vegetables, fruits, yoga, meditation, it's a whole lifestyle approach. works great but may be hard to stick to. >> and you said you love the mediterranean. >> i do. you know, we've talked about this a lot. the mediterranean diet has been -- >> george is raising his hand. >> mediterranean, you know, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy nuts and oils. you won't lose weight on that, again, unless you add in portion control. lots of fish. yeah. >> sounds like a great -- >> and you can have wine. >> you can have wine. the point that i like about it -- if you want a diet that's going to work for you, it has to be close to how you normally eat and i kind of eat the mediterranean way anyway. >> and look at you. >> huh? >> yeah. >> but it's also -- it's exercise, and portion control but the mediterranean diet, what i like is it tastes so good.
8:20 am
it really does, so pick something that's close to how you currently eat that you can live with, and that will be the right diet. >> excellent. >> stick with it. don't give up. >> have a partner. tell somebody you're going to do it, and that can help too. >> thanks, rich. >> all right. now we turn to kaley cuoco's wedding to tennis pro ryan sweeting. she is, of course, the star of one of tv's hottest come dis, and her makeup artist revealed intimate video of their very magical day and that showstopping pink gown and abc's sara haines has the story. >> that might happen tonight. i'm getting married! >> reporter: actress kaley cuoco starting 2014 with a bang, and now we're learning new details about her new year's eve nuptials. >> this is my custom gown. i wanted to wear pink. >> reporter: donning a custom vera wang strapless tulle ball gown, the big bang theory star chose the hottest color of the season for her big day. >> this was kaley's vision. she wanted a pink dress. we've seen other celebrities
8:21 am
wear pink to their weddings. jessica biel did it. >> reporter: from her cat eye look. >> cat eye is very difficult to do. >> reporter: and bubble gum lips celebrity artist jamie greenberg posted this video on her youtube page giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at her fairy tale wedding. >> kaley was engaged to tennis pro ryan sweeting in september of last year, and a few months after that, they were married. >> the love birds exchanged vows in a fire and ice themed ceremony in front of 150 family and friends including "big bang theory" co-star and reali life ex-boyfriend johnny galecki. >> my episode is on tv tomorrow night. >> can we bring anything? >> so sweet of you, but i was going to steal food from here. my treat. >> reporter: known for playing quirky penny, friends of the blond beauty say it was her real-life spunk that shined
8:22 am
through in the details of the ceremony and reception. >> there was stilt walkers, dancers, plenty of bubbly. it was a very fun night. >> reporter: the new couple took to their instagram pages and posted some of their favorite party moments including their upside down chandelier wedding cake, first dance as husband and wife and this funny pose on the altar with the happy bride writing "greatest night of my entire life." for "good morning america," sara haines, abc news, new york. >> she looks absolutely beautiful, and, hey, we asked you if you skipped the traditional white dress for something a little more colorful and stylishly sweet proved kaley cuoco is the only one pretty in pink. she tweeted "i walked down the aisle in a totally fabulous vintage pink dress." thank you for that, and brian schutza tweeted "my wife and i swapped traditional colors on our wedding day. she wore black and i wore white." >> i love that. >> that's adorable. then another viewer tweeted us, "ditched the white dress for an indian sari, red and champagne with gold tones" again, sounds beautiful.
8:23 am
and i think all rules are out the window. it's your day. whatever looks best. >> and that was overwhelming on twitter people saying that, yes, why not? whatever you feel like. >> make your own tradition. >> there we go. we'll get another tradition broken at the super bowl this year. something brand new this year, another revolution of the super bowl ad game and david beckham right in the middle of it all and abc's cecilia vega has all the details. ♪ don't you know that -- >> reporter: ah, the magic of tv. one touch of a button on the remote control and voila, david beckham's briefs could be yours? well, don't get too excited, briefs like beckham's. that's right. in the first super bowl commercial of its kind, you'll be able to buy a product with your remote. here's how it works. viewers watching on a samsung smart tv will see the h&m ad like this one featuring the buff and barely clothed beckham and a menu pops up on the side of the
8:24 am
screen, and while the commercial plays, you shop away. >> if we're successful with what we're trying to do you will be able to buy something on any commercial, show or infomercial you watch in realtime directly while you're watching the actual ad. >> reporter: this is no futuristic scene from "the jetsons." >> chin up, index fingers out. >> reporter: or some sci-fi fantasy from "minority report." so much for high depth flat screens, this is modern-day tv watching unveiled at the consumer electronics show in las vegas along with other techies. >> with the press of one button this tv transforms into a curved uhd tv. not bad, huh? >> reporter: they call that prototype the bendable tv. there are curved tvs and even higher than the highest definition tvs. is there going to be a day where we don't even see a monitor like this. you walk in and your television is that experienced -- >> so if we're dreaming, if we
8:25 am
can do a bendable tv, why can't we do a rollup tv. >> cross your heart, see. >> reporter: those days of just sitting back and watching a commercial might soon be a thing of the past. now, if all it took was the push of a button to get david beckham's attention. for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. >> what a great sport. you got to give it to him. >> those fights over the remotes are going to get a little more intense. >> i like that. >> can lead to something. good friend jessica simpson is back with us. we'll spend more time with you in our next half hour. you had the baby in june. you look fantastic. >> thank you. >> what inspired you? >> i am really inspired by anybody that can stick to a goal, and i'm really blessed to have sharonda here today. she's going to make everybody cry. it's pretty amazing what she has set out to do and what she's accomplished with weight watchers and just within herself and her inner struggle and just
8:26 am
gaining all of this confidence and just kicking complete butt. >> there you go. >> butt. butt, tush. i was trying to say butt or tush. they both work. >> we'll talk more about that in our next half hour. come on back, folks.
8:27 am
>> good morning. stream weather in the midwest and northeast are to blame tore delaying air travelers from across the nation again. so far more than 2,000 domestic flights have been canceled this morning. okay'd and san jose reporting no cancellations right now. the jetblue didn't even try to fly in and out of the northeast leaving many stranded overnight. they expect to be running at full capacity later today. >> as we take you into the east bay, this is southbound along 880 up to his pairian. the accident is over to the shoulder looking at slow
8:28 am
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>> good morning. tracking plept of upper and mid to level moisture. it will evaporate, though, before it reaches the ground. temperatures still in the 30s. a lot of 40s out there until you
8:30 am
get to san francisco, 50. temperatures still above average with sunshine breaking through ♪ how you like me now it is the frozen apple. hearty souls out there. we're going to stretch it out to make sure everyone out there gets a little face time because they so deserve it. they have earned it, indeed. all right. also we are back inside. that looks nice and warm. jessica simpson up in here. exciting to have her here. first live television interview since her adorable son ace was born. >> for a little about the woman we see right here sheronda, lost an unbelievable amount of weight. we saw her off camera. you won't believe what you're about to see. we cannot wait to share her story and jez ka's, as well. it is incredible. >> you have to stick around for that. she's one of the stars of
8:31 am
the smash hit "pretty little liars." we sat down with her, opened up about a very permanent struggle she had to deal with. but that is ahead. the woman of the hour, jessica simpson, over there with lara. lara. >> thank you so much, robin. jessica simpson here for her first live interview since giving birth to her second child list ace knute. i just got confirmation. >> ace knute. >> part of "gma's" sexiest star secrets to reveal how they are looking and feeling their best and you certainly do. good morning to you, jessica. >> good morning. >> congratulations on the birth of your snuggle bug as you called him. >> he is my snuggle bug. >> little ace. >> he six months but he's -- he is definitely wearing about ten months clothing. >> that's a tall guy. >> yeah, he's definitely -- both of my kids are really tall which i'm going to just be looking up to my entire family. >> that's a beautiful thing. tall and healthy, most
8:32 am
important. how is big sister maxwell having to share? >> she is really good. she's really good at taking care of him and helping me with the bottle and she has her baby dolls now so we have all kinds of cabbage patch kids and baby dolls she changes diapers when i change diapers. she's very helpful actually for only being 20 months. >> yeah. they are very close in age. just over a year. >> yes. 14 months. >> wow. >> i know. >> it's been -- it's been a long 2 1/2 years. >> a long 2 1/2 years and you've been very vocal about you put on a pretty good amount of weight which by the way you're supposed to when you get pregnant. >> yeah. i just let myself have whatever i wanted. i didn't care. it wasn't about weight gain to me. it was really just about -- >> but you've always maintained a healthy lifestyle. >> yeah. >> and then clearly that has paid off. >> it has. it has. when i was pregnant with ace, my
8:33 am
second, i had already been on weight watchers and i had already lost over 50 pounds so i didn't -- i wasn't as relaxed in my eating and everything that i was with maxwell but i was just already in a healthier, you know, regimen so i just -- i kept walking and staying active and maxwell started walking. >> you are a paid spokesperson for weight watchers. i know you believe in it wholeheartedly. you said -- it's not a diet it's a lifestyle. >> it is a lifestyle and i've tried so many different diets and, you know, you can only stick to something for so long and i feel like with weight watchers, like it just becomes a part of who you are, you know, and i -- this time around after having ace i did something called simple start which is what they're promoting now and it jump started everything for me. i lost like almost ten pounds like in just two weeks on this
8:34 am
beginning. >> and you've been honest. women -- we all talk about it all the time. we're held to very high standards and at times in our lives after giving birth or when they're pregnant it's got to be exhausting to be in the public eye but you seem very in control and we have a picture. you're on the cover of "redbook" in february looking van tass tick. you say you're much more in control of who jessica is. >> as a mom i have this confidence and i just feel so proud of what i've done and what i've accomplished and i really do also feel this need to just be the best role model for my children and i don't want maxwell to -- you know, i want her to look up to me and want to be like me and i don't want that to be -- i don't want to give her any false perception of what is real. >> what's important. >> and what's important and it is important to really know
8:35 am
yourself and love yourself and through weight watchers i really did get an opportunity to do that because i was setting small goals for myself and i was achieving them and it wasn't just like one big goal. like every week i gave myself these small goals and it just kept me going and i was just so impressed with myself. i'm like, objection, my gosh, i can do this. >> in the meantime, two children looking fantastic and running like an empire. clothing empire continues. >> it does. that work has not stopped. but it's -- it's the most gratifying thing in the world now to see maxwell my little daughter -- >> in your clothing. >> her little tush has my insignia on it. she's in 2t, 3t. and we have that in the collection. >> you're doing babies. i've seen your shoes everywhere. you're in macy's commercials. you're kind of all over and even
8:36 am
yoga clothing which -- >> rebecca launch home -- >> i want to do something with you. any shot of this year being the year of the wedding with eric? >> i hope so. we don't have an actual date, but we do know that we want it to be this year. we need to get married. i already feel like we're old married couple already because he -- if he wanted to run he could have run when i was hormonal and pregnant so -- >> he's a keeper. he's in. i want to bring in sheronda cook. sheronda, can you come out. she inspired you so much. there she is. there she was. there she is. come on over. wouza. hi, sheronda. >> hi. >> tell me about your connection and about your success. pleasure. >> hi.
8:37 am
>> sit down. >> you're the star, girl. >> get in the middle. >> you look beautiful. >> how do you feel more importantly. >> i feel amazing. i feel like a new person. i recently turned 30 and i just feel like i am on fire, okay. i am hot. >> a beautiful thick to hear. >> yes. >> and so this is weight -- we're looking at weight watchers in action. >> this is weight watchers right here. she's even going to be a leader. >> yes, i do plan to become leader at weight watchers just to inspire others and to show others that this is attainable because i was a girl that was on the other end of the spectrum. i mean i literally was allergic to vegetables so now the fact that i'm eating vegetables and, you know, developed a healthier lifestyle, i know i can do it because of weight watchers. >> that picture again, your before picture. when you look at that, sheronda, and you know how you feel now, what do you want to say to viewers? what do you say to yourself? >> what do i say to viewers is i
8:38 am
know where you are. because i was there and in so many ways you have those moments where you go back there because i just feel that when i was in that moment, i didn't know that i looked like that. i didn't know that i felt like that until i began to feel good right now and i just want to let them know that anything is possible, that your dream -- my dream to live a healthier lifestyle was possible because of weight much whatters because i'm able to eat regular food and that anything is possible. i'm here on "good morning america." hello. whoever thought that. >> wearing a silver dress looking good. >> thank you. >> congratulations to you. >> tell everybody how much weight you lost. >> i've lost 237.4 pounds. yes. >> there you go. sheronda, cook, our friend jessica simpson, thank you. congratulations on the babies. >> thank you. >> and thank you both for sharing your story. we do want to talk about the
8:39 am
weather. ginger is outside. >> it's freezing. >> it's freezing. that's it in a nutshell. i'm sure you have more. >> official report from jessica simpson and this is the look we have to have today. the right way to do it. update on our warm coats warm hearts drive. burlington, has two weeks left and we have viewers, sheena and her sister shawna. shawna and reena and they said they couldn't pass up a chance to donate gently worn coats. we want you to do the same. let's check on the tally, 102,079 coats so far this year. to find out how to do the same go to you handed me a tissue because my eyes are crying right when you step out. it is now 4 in new york city. 4 degrees. feels like it's 14 below as all of these folks know so well. look at that circular rainbow that we got, a beautiful picture over baltimore as she was flying. and then that's a car, my friends in flint, michigan.
8:40 am
you can hardly see it because it is covered in snow. we have not checked in on the pacific northwest. i wanted to do so because you're starting an unsettled pattern and it's going to stick for much of the week. my hearty and happy crowd out here, th >> lara, i've got to say, the temperature means nothing to these folks. >> our "gma" viewers, thanks, ginger. coming up here "pretty little liars" star troian bellisario opens up about her very personal struggle. wow. don't go anywhere. we'll be right back on "good morning america." "gma's" sexiest star secrets
8:41 am
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aldean. always great when he's here. coming up, troian bellisario, one of those stars of the hugely popular abc family show, "pretty little liars," a suspenseful drama about four high school girls entangled in the mystery of a missing classmate. she's dealing with her own permanent drama opening up about an eating disorder and sat down with abbie boudreau. >> reporter: her character spencer hastings is no stranger to drama on abc family's hit show, "pretty little liars." but this morning, 28-year-old troian bellisario is revealing the real-life demons she faced as a teenager suffering from an eating disorder and cutting herself. what were some of the struggles you went through when you were a teenager? >> what i was dealing with was still trying to fit into the mold of what i thought everybody else wanted me to be. i went down a very, very dangerous path and i honestly believe i wouldn't really be here today if it weren't for a number of incredible people, friends and family.
8:45 am
>> reporter: bell saar row echoes that sentiment in "seventeen" saying her family and friends staged an intervention after they read they are journal. >> for the first time i got to sit across from my parents and say, i'm angry at you and i have a blackness sign side of me and i'm raging right now and i can't ham this. >> reporter: though she won't go into more detail about her past she does say she identifies with her on-screen character in "pretty little liars." >> she is a perfectionist. the show is intense and i would say like spencer is the intensity of the intense. >> reporter: bellisario promises nothing short of an intense fifth season. the show about four high school girls entangled in the mystery of a missing classmate airs tonight on abc family. >> i wonder if she spoke to anyone besides us. >> like her brother. maybe swe should be talking to jason. >> no, we all agreed to not tell anyone. whoever killed her is still around.
8:46 am
>> what do we expect this season? >> because spencer is the detective of the group she takes it upon herself to bring back alison and what she finds is that she's, in fact, more complicit with alison's disappearance. >> did you miss me? >> outside of the hit tv show bellisario wrote, produced and starred in a short film, "exiles," a modern twist on romeo and juliet. >> and i'm out here starving. >> reporter: but it's her co-stars on "pretty little liars" who she says have become her second family. >> we are just always so supportive of each other. my partners in crime, my sisters and my adorable, lovable friends. >> reporter: are you comfortable in your own skin now? >> no way. >> reporter: so just one day at a time. >> yeah, just one day daat a ti. >> we appreciate troian all the best. see the winter premiere of "pretty little liars" tonight, 8:00 central on abc family. coming up next on "gma,"
8:47 am
takes a two shot, james carville and mary matalin here to talk
8:48 am
8:49 am
i am back with james carville and mary matalin married for more than two decades debating the whole way out with a new memoir, "lo "love & war." you guys have written a lot of books. mostly political. this one kind of different. >> no, no, no. writing books is like giving birth without an epidural and so but the reason i wanted to do this one which is the second one in 20 years -- i wrote one for the girls because of what we were able to do, help do in new orleans and we wanted to share that story and give some advice on how to have a happy marriage. by the way, i'm happy to see you not on a sunday, george.
8:50 am
>> listen -- >> i was there at the beginning when you guys were just getting to the and a lot of people thought it wouldn't work but more than two decades -- >> who knows. i guess a guy jumps off. 20 stories. so far so good. you know. >> thank you. thanks for that vote of confidence. >> but also it is a love letter to new orleans. >> it is. but, you know, it was fun and if you look back on 20 year, the things that we were in the middle of from the clinton troubles, the 2000 election, 9/11, the katrina recovery, it was and it was a lot of -- believe it or not it was a lot of fun writing this book, i thought. it really was. >> yes. it was like giving birth with an epidural actually. two girls. there's -- not allowed to talk or reveal very much about ourselves. >> only a little -- >> teeny-weeny as i'm sure -- >> i totally get it but you're kind of open about the times
8:51 am
with various events threatened permanent separation. what were the big ones? >> i didn't mean divorce. i just meant cold -- what do you call that shared destruction from iraq and -- >> when you went back to the white house. >> going baaing to the white house which turned out to be okay, but the worst and remains the worst is the animal kingdom, the animals are my friends. >> james' lack of love for the animal kingdom. >> big understatement. just because i wear wraps on my shoulders when i cook i don't know what is the issue with this. >> i'm a big believer in just kick the can down the road. don't confront issues, just let it go. i think that's -- you get mad about something, you go confront it and say a bunch of stupid stuff you regret. if you go solid for three weeks, at least you haven't said anything they can throw back at
8:52 am
your face. >> from james carville. >> the many wonderful, brilliant things he said you never get in trouble for something you didn't say so thank you for -- but he has said he's wanted to start my ca cats on fire -- we love animals, peta. i'm very pro-animal. >> you take the opportunity to talk about your ever-evolving hairstyle. we'll show a couple of them here. >> oh, no. >> there we go. you look great. you're the daughter of a beauty salon owner so you want to mix it up every once in a while. i didn't realize we had the volume of hairstyles. >> oh, wow, look at that one. when is that from? that's a new one. actually i went to hair school. i'm a cosmetologist but really i'm ocd and i get bored so when i'm sitting in the mirror
8:53 am
doing -- i cut my hair this morning. i did cut -- and i did offer him this hairstyle for which he's now developed a trend 20 years ago. the shaver -- >> she said, just cut that stuff off. you know, i mean -- >> you're in the book as the most handsome man in politics ever. and then he's -- there's a picture of you and him and this little -- wasn't even a -- so i said get the doggie shaver and he loves it. >> american hustle doing the combover. very elaborate. >> called "love and wane war." available today. we'll be right back.
8:54 am
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8:56 am
tomorrow, sexy star secrets from actress gabrielle union. >> can't wait for that. have a great day, everyone. hope it gets warmer. >> come back, josh. come back.
8:57 am
so yso you can happily let the grlife get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can
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8:59 am
>> breaking news in heyward right now where emergency crews just wrapped things up after earlier reports of a gas heek. officials had evacuated classes. you see them standing outside. but they have kapsd it and there are no injuries. >> sprinkles possible today. and tomorrow, best chance of measurable rain will be thursday morning. another chance on saturday. and warming trend on the w sunday and monday. >> a two-car crash into concord. this is eastbound blocking the off ramp to is a lawn yoe ways. no delays there.
9:00 am
>> thank you. join us for our midday news today at announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, host of "american hustle," ryan seacrest. and from "being mary jane," gabrielle union. plus, all week long, work out with the co-hosts, get ready for "live's" kickstart the new year, the fitness edition. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause]


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